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Join Us For This Fast-Paced, "All Killer, No Filler" Live Online Training to Discover How to Use The FAST Influence Framework to Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Income... Now.
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How To Instantly Capture And Captivate Anyone's Attention... (learn how to bypass their conscious "Focus Filters" so they focus EXCLUSIVELY on you).
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Instant Connection: Learn How To Covertly "Access The Emotions"... So people are irresistibly drawn-in and emotionally engaged with your message.

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How To "Plant Seeds": Learn The Idiot-Proof Process That Gets People Lining Up To Do Whatever You Ask… So you never have to “hard sell” or “push” ever again.
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Super Simple Conversion Secrets: Discover How To Trigger The Response You Want On Command... and make people feel like it was their idea all along.
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Tuesday, 19th June
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8:00 pm EDT New York

Wednesday, 20th June
10:00 am AEST NSW
9:30 am ACST SA
8:00 am AWST WA

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"This is really amazing... A lot of our members take Nick Cownie's programs and are getting incredible results. He has amazing systems, and amazing tools."
Neil Strauss... 8 times New York Times best-selling author.

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If You're Experiencing Any Of The Following, Then Join Us For This Fast-Paced, "All Killer, No Filler" Live Online Training to Discover How to Use The FAST Influence Framework to Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Income... Now.
You're an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, consultant, speaker or thought-leader generating less than $40K per month while working over 40 hours per week.
You're a high-performing executive, manager or sales rep, you really want an extra $20K to $40K per month… But don’t want to burn out earning it.
You're not receiving the recognition, rewards, awards and prestige you feel you should be getting in your job.
You're a criminal or civil trial lawyer looking for cutting-edge strategies to prepare your witnesses, create a strong emotional connection with the jury, and ultimately get the verdict (whether that means larger damages awarded, or getting your client off).
You're responsible for generating sales, and right now less than 50% of your sales calls convert into clients.
You want to transition from your high-stress job into something more aligned with your purpose (...and still make a lot of money) so you can enjoy financial and geographic freedom.
You simply want to be more influential and persuasive so you can: Get free upgrades at fancy hotels... consistently score the best table in the restaurant... talk your way out of trouble (like speeding tickets)... and talk your way into more hot dates, speaking gigs, or the VIP section of your favourite club...
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Here's just a taste of what you'll uncover:
Learn how to speak so others will listen, and feel compelled to take action on whatever you say.
Discover how to lead and confidently give directions others will follow... so you can have the power and authority to take risks and make decisions.
Word-for-word influential language patterns you can use to seed your suggestions... to easily influence people indirectly, without them knowing what's happening.
How to break free from the 9-to-5, transition from your high-stress job into your own successful business (more aligned with your purpose) ...and still make a lot of money so you can unshackle yourself from the rule of others, and enjoy financial and geographic freedom.
How to make more sales without using a script... so you stop sounding like a robot, and dramatically increase your conversion rate.
How to conversationally control any situation and stop people taking advantage of you.
How to deliver your innovative, big picture ideas so other people want to invest in you or your company.
How to solve "people problems" with short, fast, direct techniques that leave everybody happy with the result.
How to get the recognition, rewards, awards, and prestige you know you deserve, but aren't getting right now.
Nick Cownie

Nick is the Creative Director at Success Dynamics Institute, and creator of the EPIC NLP Practitioner Certification program. He's been obsessed with behavioural psychology, influence and persuasion for 24 years. Nick is the creative genius behind all of our products and services. He's also a certified NLP trainer, published author, in-demand international speaker, and certified digital marketing specialist.

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